Telecommunications Systems Engineering Specialty

Nearly all technical systems in modern buildings and campuses operate via telecommunications cabling and pathway infrastructure, primarily comprised of Category 6 and fiber optic cabling. We believe that the key to successful integration of building automation systems is a standards-compliant telecommunications infrastructure. We hold multiple certifications from BICSI (, the major professional association in the telecommunications industry.
RCDD - Registered Communications Distribution Designer
RCDD/NTS - Network Transport Systems Specialty (formerly known as LAN Specialty)
RCDD/OSP - Customer-Owned Outside Plant Specialty

Our personnel have extensive experience designing telecommunications systems compliant with the latest ANSI/TIA/EIA standards.  Our dedicated and highly trained staff has carried out hundreds successful telecommunications distribution projects in new and existing facilities.  Systems experience includes local area networks using singlemode fiber optics, 50 micron multimode fiber optics, and Category 6/6A copper cabling with networking architectures including Ethernet and a variety of industrial control protocols.  SEC's personnel have also designed and commissioned wide area communications networks using leased-line, spread-spectrum radio, and wireless network bridge technologies. 

Telecommunications project experience ranges from single building to whole-campus environments and from new sites and new buildings to remodel/replacement projects requiring continued operation throughout the replacement project. 

For more than a decade, we have performed constructability reviews on numerous large projects with telecommunications/technology infrastructure, producing thousands of review comments.

We have also authored extensive design guide documentation and standard specifications for telecommunications infrastructure for universities, health care, municipalities, state correctional organizations and for the US federal government.

Examples of our personnel's project experience include: 

Design and construction observation of new campus-wide telecommunications pathways, spaces and cabling, both OSP and ISP
Design and construction observation for live-cutover replacement of existing telecommunications infrastructure
Telecommunications Master Planning
Preparation of Telecommunications Design Guides and Construction Guide Specifications.